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Release | Realign | Reset

Release BULLSHIT to propel you forward in creating the results you desire in your personal and professional life!

If you feel blocked or stuck in your business or profession, take a look at what you are not addressing in your personal life.

Are you ready to Release | Align | Reset to create the results you desire in your life?

This Elite Experience will help you release your subconscious blocks. I am excited you decided to choose YOU by experiencing a 60 minutes Emotion Code Session with me. Click below to get your spot for a session. I’m accepting only ten clients for this Experience! 

Unplugged Elite Experience includes: $125 ($195 value)

  • 60-minute Emotion Code Session with ME
  • Unlimited access to the 13 Unplugged Interviews
  • Unlimited access to the 90-minutes Roundtable discussion recording

Grace Chang, a registered nurse, and energy healer for over 20 years, began collecting data worldwide through live blood analysis to show how effective remote energy healing can be. The interview below talks about Grace’s results with 12 different markers before and after a 60-minute Emotion Code session with me.

My Client’s Experience

Leonard DeCarmine

“I have personal experience working with Teresa in my own life and the results have been amazing! She helped me with hidden emotional pain that I've been holding on to from past childhood experiences, my former relationships, and even the passing of my father.

Once I was able to able to recognize and release them an overwhelming weight was lifted. I am truly grateful for her help.”

Amari Soltero

“I can’t say enough about the emotion code and how much that has helped me. I feel like I have reached & released emotions that were so deep inside of me that I wasn’t even aware that they were there. I’m getting to the actual deep down core of what was causing my condition. As scary and painful (both mentally and physically) as that may be, I know that it’s necessary and I’m prepared to do the work. I know that this entered my life at this precise time because I was ready for it. It’s certainly not for the weak. It’s hard work yet it’s still easier than a lot of the things that I have tried. The sheer joy & lightness that I’ve felt after a session cannot be explained. If this is something you’re considering then there’s a reason and you should investigate that. I’m so grateful for this experience. I couldn’t have imagined results like this.”

Kim Fike

“Teresa has an incredibly giving heart and drive to help people to deal with life's challenges. I did an 'Emotion Code' session with her where I was able to release stored emotions of past traumas and events that I've been holding on to. After the session, I felt lighter, clearer, and literally like a weight had been lifted off my chest. We are all going through difficulties and sometimes a guiding hand is just what we need to help us move forward.

If you could use support in your journey through life, then definitely give Emotion Code a try.”

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This Elite Experience is specifically designed to empower you to gain confidence, and take bold action to shatter all limits and unlock your full potential in life.

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